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6 Things Every Golfer Can Do To Protect The Course This Winter

6 Things Every Golfer Can Do To Protect The Course This Winter

During the winter months, the golf course is far more susceptible to damage. Wetter, colder conditions cause more stress to the playing surfaces and traffic will increase that stress. But when the course is open, we understandably still want to get out there and enjoy playing. Winter golf can be hugely enjoyable but there are things you can consider doing, or not doing, to protect the course so it looks its best come spring.

Don’t take a buggy

If the ground is frozen or particularly wet, a golf buggy is going to cause damage – we’ve all seen the tyre marks across frosty or sodden fairways. Many clubs will have a policy that buggies are banned during the most challenging winter weathers, but not all do. If your club has a lenient policy, then it’s up to you to make the call – Can you walk? If so, then maybe you should.

Carry Your Clubs if you can

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Much like with the buggy, those who can carry their clubs ought to consider doing so when underfoot conditions are particularly soft (or frozen) – Golf trolley tyres will make marks and damage the playing surfaces. Of course, there are players who are unable to carry, but those physically capable can help limit damage by opting for a lightweight bag and carrying.

Don’t play from the fairway


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