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It’s really entertainment – Golf Inc Magazine

It’s really entertainment - Golf Inc Magazine

When I took up the game many years ago, the average practice range was a field. Add a few yardage signs made of unstained wood, with mats that had lost their “turf” several seasons earlier, and that was a typical driving range circa 1968. The balls were less than perfect, certainly less than round. To a passionate teenager, however, it was golf. All I wanted to do was to learn how to play. Golf has since grown to the stars and back. It is now a sport where the range balls have chips inside, where targets are monitored by technology, while the food menu has grown from hot dogs and chips to whatever your tummy and imagination might desire. This, mind you, is still about the driving range, a location built to hit golf balls.

Every area of the game has grown beyond the simple sport that took off during the 1960’s. From equipment to the golf course, to booking a tee time and keeping score, the game is rooted deeply in technology, planted firmly in the 21st Century. Even prior to the pandemic, the game was on steroids, developing new ways to educate and entertain. Concepts including live music after hole 18, music on the golf course, or the use of cool devices are bringing a new level of fun to all, especially those new to the game. All of this is meant to create and fulfill a very different level of expectation from those of the men and women I caddied for more than a half-century ago.

There are lessons here. Ideas to consider as you look for ways to build on top of your results from the past two years. Technology pushed by COVID has paved the way for all businesses to more easily capture customer data. More and more people are willing to provide their name, rank, and serial number when first connecting to a business. Having detailed, usable data on the people that regularly play will provide expanded opportunities for your marketing team. The golfers’ new path to the game in 2023 is through technology, entertainment, and convenience. How is the combination of technology and entertainment helping you to rethink your experience? Here in this In My Opinion post, I provide three thoughts on how this new direction might help you capture new golfers and more rounds:

Help people feel a part of something: People like the idea of belonging. What menu of services can you create to offer a greater, wider experience level at your facility? Experiences to create more frequency, more fun. How might they enjoy greater value, while feeling a sense of belonging? What…


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