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Bridgestone e9 Long Drive Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone e9 Long Drive Golf Ball Review

Over the years, we have seen plenty of golf balls released to the market with the promise of extra distance. Current models like the Srixon Distance and the Titleist Velocity certainly fall into that category. There is however, a new contender from Bridgestone called the e9 Long Drive that comes with the promise of ‘extreme distance’.

During the design process, Bridgetsone worked with the World Long Drive Association to deliver a ball for ‘maximum power on every shot’. The key technology comes in the shape of a seamless 330-dimple cover for better aerodynamics and a ‘gradational core’ that’s harder on the outside and progressively softer towards the centre. This feature should provide fast ball speeds and a consistent flight.

We wanted to see whether the Bridgestone e9 is one of the best distance golf balls in 2023 so I tested it, both on the golf course and on a launch monitor. For an extra frame of reference I also hit the Titleist Velocity to compare the performance.

Bridgestone e9 on course testing

(Image credit: Future)

Let’s start with the performance off the tee. There is no doubt Bridgestone’s e9 performs well in this department. For a ball that comes in at around $20 less than the premium, tour-played models, the distance (and consistency of distance) was genuinely impressive. However, it was striking to me how similar the performance off the tee was between the e9 and the Titleist Velocity. The average ball speeds, backspin and total carry yardages were all very close. Given the long drive involvement and promise of extreme distance, I was perhaps hoping for a little more from the Bridgestone e9. 


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