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Women Golfers Value Electric Trolleys Ahead Of New Clubs

Women Golfers Value Electric Trolleys Ahead Of New Clubs

The technology used in the latest clubs might help you to hit the ball further, but it’s the latest electric trolleys that many women credit for helping them to play better golf.

Back in 1983 when PowaKaddy launched the first electric trolley in the UK, it was generally considered to be something that should be used by ageing or injured golfers. For a long time, even into my 30s, I was one of those golfers that thought I was too young to use an electric trolley. I was perfectly capable of walking a course or using a simple push trolley and I would have felt embarrassed to use an electric trolley regularly, but how times have changed.

Nowadays, young or old, there are few women that would be without an electric trolley and this is backed up by new independent research carried out by Sporting Insights on behalf of leading trolley brand Motocaddy. A survey among women golfers aged between 20 and 70 found that almost nine out of ten (88%) claim to use a trolley as their most frequent method to play golf, with electric trolleys being far the most popular choice among three-quarters (75%) of respondents.

Women electric trolleys

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No real surprise there because on the whole people have become far more conscious of their physical and mental wellbeing than ever before, especially over the last few years due to the Covid pandemic, and players now recognise the wider benefits that an electric trolley can provide.


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