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Blind spots – Golf Inc Magazine

Blind spots - Golf Inc Magazine

You are constantly in motion. Busy answering questions, observing the action, looking for the next opportunity to connect with member and guest. Rain or shine, your work does not end. This holds true for your management team as well, as they work to follow your lead. In this new economy, it feels like we take two steps backwards for every hard-earned push forward. The business of golf continues to be warm, while the talent market remains undecided, not certain of their next decision. The work of golf goes on, however, as members and guests show up, pull up, looking forward to their next 18-hole challenge. No doubt you rely on your team for a great amount of leadership and support. As you plan out for success in this new year there is certainly angst, as you prepare for another strong year, while listening to the daily financial news telling you a very different tale.

At times you may not have the necessary staff to execute up to your expectations. Maybe the leadership lacks experience, the ability to see around corners. The reasons may vary, unique to every club. In the middle is where the issues show up. Confusion, an oversight, and general crises can lead to errors in judgment and execution. It happens. Even within mature teams it can happen. Building awareness, being able to safely settle a situation and protect people and assets is the stuff of leadership. Blind spots are sometimes those obvious things, easily missed, or situations that may fall beyond the ability to believe what has just been seen. Even with 20/20 experience, things can happen, certainly without warning. This post is suggesting you and your team prepare and be ready for difficult situations. Being proactive can help to protect people and minimize an uncomfortable occurrence, as well as to bring confidence to each member of your team. Although each situation can be different, there should be protocols in place that provide the series of next steps. The Manager of the Day becomes the point person, the leader, no matter the day or staffing schedule. This In My Opinion post will provide three thoughts that may be considered blind spots, with thoughts on how to manage what comes next:

People: The first priority in any emergency is to protect and secure the people on property: golfers, staff, and everyone else. No matter the emergency, securing and accounting for every person on property is the most necessary and essential step. What is your plan for property emergencies? There are…


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