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I Couldn’t Hit My 3-Wood So I Went For A Fitting… Here’s What Happened!

I Couldn't Hit My 3-Wood So I Went For A Fitting... Here's What Happened!

We’ve all heard by now the importance of getting properly fitted for clubs if you want to produce your best stuff on the course. But what happens when you’ve fallen out of love with something you were fitted for in the past? That’s the predicament I found myself in with my 3-wood.

It’s a club that strikes fear into many golfers and it isn’t an exaggeration to say it had become an ornament in my bag. I would hit it occasionally on the range and completely overlook it on the course. It meant I didn’t have it as a back-up when struggling off the tee with my driver, nor did I know how to hit it from the fairway if I wanted to go for a par-5 in two. I had made compensations in my bag set-up to minimise the impact, but it was still far from the optimal solution.


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