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Hannah Levi: Impact Player – Mississippi State

Hannah Levi: Impact Player - Mississippi State

STARKVILLE – Every good team is made up of great athletes – those who are reliable and have a solid track record for getting the job done when it matters most.

Then there are those who make impacts in ways that go beyond their performances on the field, court, track or course.

Mississippi State women’s golf captain Hannah Levi has taken on this role during her five seasons with the Bulldogs. Along with her consistency on rolling fairways and fast greens, she’s embodied what it means to be a team leader and outstanding representative of her program across all areas.

“You look over her career, that’s exactly what she’s been is just a steady, impact player,” head coach Charlie Ewing said. “That’s entirely due to just strong will, really strong mindset, really strong work ethic and I’m just really proud of her for what she’s done.”

It all started when Levi was a prominent high school golfer out of D’Iberville High School, located a little more than 250 miles from Starkville along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Women’s golf wasn’t a prominent sport in the state at the time, but Levi’s remarkable talent garnered some attention from area colleges. As Ewing explained, Levi’s eventual decision to play at Mississippi State was the perfect fit for the small-town golfer looking to grow the sport.

“She’s Mississippi born and raised, and that’s really special,” Ewing said. “Golf in the state of Mississippi is something that… it’s growing, it’s getting better.”

As Levi transitioned to the collegiate level, there were a few things about her that stood out, namely her determination and ability to be a strong leader. She continued to put in the work, proving herself as a reliable teammate and earning many opportunities to showcase her skills while competing in tournaments across the South. While she trained physically, she also took an interest in understanding the mental aspect of her game.

“She’s really invested into the learning side of golf, not just getting in a bunch of reps, getting in a bunch of hours, but actually learning what works,” Ewing said.

When Ewing decided to appoint someone to lead the team, the choice was clear. Levi, a seasoned veteran by that point, was named the team captain: an honor that speaks highly of her character as well as her athletic abilities. Her influence was evident after just one…


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