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Barriers to doing more – Golf Inc Magazine

Barriers to doing more - Golf Inc Magazine

Ever since the summer of 2020, golf properties have been playing lots of rounds, selling memberships, and building waiting lists for those who want to experience great service. It has been an incredible time for our industry. In the midst of this amazing success, many clubs also felt like they were leaving money on the table. Issues cropped up with staff members not wanting to leave home, wanting to avoid any human contact. Certainly many became ill. In the middle of the game’s greatest growth, problems surfaced that were very new and tough to resolve. The game was gaining traction, but so was the pandemic. It was a most difficult time for managers, staff members, and the people aching to be outdoors and remain active.

For almost three years, the game of golf has experienced something we simply had not seen before. Today, people continue to play in grand numbers, all spurred on by the worldwide pandemic. This is a story we just cannot make up. Although times remain healthy, the numbers are slowing down. Operators are looking for ways to keep memberships growing and tee sheets filled a little longer. No doubt, any business that has experienced strong, long-term success wants never to see it end. As operators looking to maintain or even push growth, there are things to consider. These areas should be examined as part of the push to keep business flowing. This In My Opinion post will describe three areas where management should spend time. When these three areas are in strong form, the business might just remain healthy and robust: 

Consider people and process: Especially during the pandemic, hiring was just about the toughest area of management for any type of business. With a tougher economy, you might want to review the team, consider talent you may need to change or to add. You should consider a development program for all staff. In addition, it is important to examine and review your process, the art of hospitality and operations at your club. It is all about how your golfer feels between arrival and departure time.

Review all rules and regulations: This might be the perfect time to pull down the operations manual and examine the rules and regulations for your property. With the world changing and evolving ever faster, you may need to throw out several old, out-of-date rules and regulations. I am also thinking you will need to add more than a few. You may want to involve your HR and legal people in these changes.

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