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What Length Golf Clubs Should I Use?

What Length Golf Clubs Should I Use?

Golf is tough enough without playing with clubs the wrong length for you, right? In order to maximize your performance,  it’s crucial that your equipment is suited to your physiology and ability, with many factors to consider when selecting the correct shaft length throughout the bag from driver to putter. 

You wouldn’t buy a suit off the rack if you were 6ft 8in, and it’s the same principle with golf clubs. A comprehensive custom fitting is a very sensible idea as unfortunately, when establishing an ideal length for your golf clubs, there is more to consider than can be simply measured with a ruler. A holistic approach, considering factors such as height, arm length, static posture, and technique can all go into the mix to get to the correct conclusion.

How do I establish the correct iron length?

In truth, and perhaps surprisingly, there is actually no industry standard for the method of establishing the correct length of any golf club for a player. Some consider the custom-fitting process more of a subjective art, open to interpretation whereas others believe that custom-fitting golf clubs is a more exact science whereby everyone will have an optimal specification. Having worked in several high-profile fitting facilities throughout my career, I can honestly say that almost every venue I have worked at has a different take on this element of custom fitting. Ping, in their fitting process for example, takes a combination of two static measurements – wrist to floor, and height – and cross-references this with its color-coded chart which produces their recommendation for length. 

Custom fitting size chart

Ping custom fitting process

(Image credit: Howard Boylan)

Other venues I have worked at, utilize a different method whereby the fitter will watch their client striking shots with either their current, or a standard length test club (usually a 6 or 7 iron), and observe factors such as strike location, static and dynamic posture and shot pattern before deciding whether to go up or down in length. A final length is then established through a process of trial and error, considering feedback from the player and subsequent performance results.

Photo of various length shafts

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