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Evnroll Neo Classic ER2 Putter Review

Evnroll Neo Classic ER2 Putter face

Evnroll putters have held a special place in my heart (and my golf bag) for a long time now – for whatever reason, I have always got on with them. While the LAB Golf DF3 is getting its chance currently, Evnroll remain one of the best premium putters money can buy.

The new Neo Classic ER2 differs from previous iterations most notably because of its polymer aluminium insert, which is said to enhance the feel. While the all metal faces used on the ER2V putter last year weren’t overly firm or harsh, this new version certainly feels softer. The acoustics are marginally less noticeable, especially on longer putts, and the sensation overall is just more premium.

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Looks wise, the address profile hasn’t changed much – although the eagle eyed will notice the white sight line on the flange which has changed from black and you could argue doesn’t stand out as much. The hosel is also a single bend rather than a short slant neck, which makes the head face balanced rather than having some toe hang. This won’t suit everyone’s stroke and it’s a big change from the short slant neck the previous iteration had, so it takes some getting used to how the face squares up through impact.

Evnroll Neo Classic ER2 Putter at address behind the ball

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Make no mistake, this putter is the complete package and sits firmly among the best putters of 2024. Despite the softer feel, the face is responsive and the ball speed feels controlled and consistent. It still boasts the closely spaced variable width channels that help putts start straighter if you mishit the ball and roll out the same distance. It’s a wide blade design, but you could argue it has the corrective qualities of some of the best mallet putters

The two sole weights in the rear of the head definitely add to the stable feel you experience and you really notice it on long putts, where you need it most. It comes with two 27.5g weights as standard but you can custom order weights ($25 uncharge) as low as 12.5g or up to 42.5g if you need to make it one of the most forgiving putters or just like the feel of a much heavier head.

Evnroll Neo Classic ER2 Putter grip

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Evnroll has really nailed the grip too – this 90g Neo grip feels buttery soft in your hands and delivers a really comfortable and secure hold. The wide front section helps get both thumbs on easily and feel where the face is pointing, plus the texture just gives you a little more control – especially when your hands get a little sweaty. I also love the retro font used for the logo on the…


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