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Can You Take Practice Swings In A Different Bunker To The One Your Ball Is Lying in?


The Rules of Golf never fail to surprise. One would think that it was a definite no-no to make a practice swing in sand before playing a bunker shot, but it is possible to do it and not face a penalty – by doing it in a different bunker. The answer is: yes, you can take practice swings in a different bunker to the one your ball is lying in.

First thing to say is that you’re not allowed to make a practice swing in the bunker your ball is lying in. Rule 12.2 refers to playing a ball in a bunker and rule 12.2b covers restrictions on touching sand in a bunker. Then 12.2b(1) covers scenarios where touching the sand results in a penalty – Before making a stroke a player must not: touch the sand in the bunker with a club, in making a practice swing.


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