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REVIEW The new Jaws Raw wedges from Callaway are exce

Callaway Jaws 3

The new JAWS RAW wedges from Callaway are here and they are making some bold statements.  

From the “the most aggressive, razor sharp grooves in golf” and a “one hop and stop” into greens, Callaway are boasting that they now have the sharpest grooves in golf and they might not be wrong. 

One thing I noticed straight away with this wedge is the way that it sits behind the ball. Its straighter leading edge looks very slick and sharp and, combined with its classic chrome aesthetic, it makes it very easy on the eye. 

It looks great. But what makes it so good? 

Callaway have removed the plating from the face to allow it to rust over time, enabling you to have better contact between ball and face at impact. The new micro-milled groves also sit at a 20° angle, which is what gives you that aggressive razor-sharp bite into the back of the ball.  

Callaway Jaws 2

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