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Exputt RG – Take Your Putting To The Next Level

Exputt RG - Take Your Putting To The Next Level

When it comes to getting your handicap down and shooting lower scores, improving your putting and holing more putts is by far and away the quickest, and easiest, way to hitting your goals.

A proven route to finding more success on the greens is Exputt RG, which uses technology to help you hone in your putting stroke thanks to a high-speed camera and innovative software that tracks your swing mechanics and ball movement.

Just roll out the tracking mat, plug in the high-speed camera, link to your TV and you’ll be on your favorite course’s green in no time, with real-life putting greens to practise on. It really is as simple as that.

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The innovative Exputt tracking software analyzes your putting stroke in-depth like nothing else, from clubface angle, putter direction, ball speed, and putting path, giving golfers a world-first one-of-its-kind experience to hole more putts than ever. The Exputt RG is more accurate and easier to use than any other putting simulator on the market, making it a truly revolutionary product that can take your golf game to the next level.

Working on your putting can sometimes be seen as one of the game’s more mundane parts but it is undoubtedly one of the most important. Holing more putts and avoiding three-putts can be the difference between turning average rounds into career-best scores. Exputt RG users can enhance their experiences of practising putting and making it fun with multiple different modes, from practice putting mode to online mode with up to four players and real-time online challenges.

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From beginners to pros, and every level in between, the Exputt RG is the best way to make long-term improvements to your stroke and your scores, and you’ll never have to stop working on your putting as the Exputt RG is compact and easy to carry, meaning you can use it anywhere with a TV. Getting the perfect putting stroke may be challenging, but you can guarantee it will be a fun and rewarding journey as you see yourself improve. Exputt is also perfect for indoor training when it’s dark or rainy…


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