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Rechargeable, hot hands and more

Titleist Hand Warmer

There’s nothing worse than feeling the vibrations from a shot that doesn’t quite find the center of the club face. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best hand warmers on the market so your golf game can thrive despite the cold.

Winterizing your game is a must and we’ve made it simple for you to find the best equipment and accessories proven to help you both look good and play well all winter long.

Whether you’re looking for winter hats, men’s jackets, women’s jackets, men’s winter pants, women’s winter pants, or cold-weather accessories, Golfweek has you covered.

Titleist Hand Warmer (PGA TOUR Superstore)

Price: $39.99

Why we like it: Hand warmer belts are great for walkers. Worn by Justin Thomas and other Titleist staffers, it’s a Tour-worthy look.

Titleist Hand Warmer – $39.99

Rechargeable hand warmers

Rechargeable hand warmers (Amazon)

Price: $30.99 (Down from $49.99, save 38%)

Why we like it: Want something more sustainable than the cheap hand warmers sold at convenience stores and pro shops? These are a fantastic option if you’re in a cold weather climate. With many carts having USB plug ins, you’ll never run out of warmth.

Rechargeable hand warmers – $30.99

Footjoy StaSof Winter Pair- $50. (Footjoy)

Price: $50

Why we like it: No matter the weather, having a good grip on the club is a necessity. These FJ winter gloves maintain a solid grip while keeping your hands warm.

FJ StaSof Winter Pair – $50

TaylorMade Cart Mitts

TaylorMade Cart Mitts (TaylorMade)

Price: $34.99

Why we like it: A great option for riders and walkers alike, cart mitts form to the steering wheel for easy access. No need for hand warmers with these fleece lined mitts.

TM Cart Mitts – $34.99

Under Armour Undeniable Handwarmer

Under Armour Undeniable Handwarmer (Amazon)

Price: $37.95

Why we like it: OK, maybe we just want to live out our cold weather quarterback fantasies. We can assure you that hand warmer belts are a fantastic option to keep your hands warm.

UA Undeniable Handwarmer – $37.95

FootJoy WinterSof Glove

FootJoy WinterSof Glove (FootJoy)

Price: $23

Why we like it: Another top-tier winter option from FootJoy, the WinterSof is a step down from the premiere StaSof gloves. The main difference between the two is the WinterSof feels more like a rain glove compared to the StaSof’s more traditional feel.

FJ WinterSof gloves – $23


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