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What Golf Ball Should You Play?

What Golf Ball Should You Play?

As a single figure golfer and with many years of expertise, one of the questions I get asked frequently by fellow women players is, “What golf ball should I use?” The answer is simple: you should choose a ball that you like and stick with it.

The latter point is the most important in my opinion. Using the same golf ball for the entire round (or indeed season) means that you get used to its feel and performance. You get consistency off the putter face, you know how hard to hit your lag putts, and you know how much it is likely to spin and stop on chip shots. You know (or you quickly learn) your distances with every club in the bag. I’m always staggered at how many women use whatever ball they find in their bag, a random brand, a random model. When they lose it, a completely different ball gets picked out of the ball pocket to replace it. If you’re this player, you are really putting yourself at a disadvantage over the savvy lady who knows that sticking to a make and model of ball for the minimum of an entire round is beneficial.

What Golf Ball To Play

Don’t use whatever ball you find in your bag

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So how do go about picking the best golf ball for your round? If you are serious about golf and really want to play better then you have probably invested in a set of custom-fit clubs (or are at least considering doing so.) A custom fitter will include the golf ball in your fit, showing what ball works best for your swing type – clubhead speed, launch requirements, feel and spin preference etc. We all have different needs. Perhaps you are a slow swinger who, first and foremost, needs a distance boost. Maybe you slice the ball and need something to help counteract the effects of cut spin? Or maybe your golf ball priorities lie in the short game department, you want to improve the spin control with a wedge.


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