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Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore wedges

Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore wedges

Gear: Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore wedges
Price: $169.99 each with True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft and Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.
Specs: Cast stainless steel. Available in four sole grinds and even lofts from 46 to 60 degrees.
Available: Jan. 20

Who It’s For: Golfers who want to maximize spin around the green from a variety of lies.

The Skinny: With different surface-roughening treatments and groove configurations based on each wedge’s loft, Cleveland’s RTX 6 ZipCore wedges aim to increase spin in wet and dry conditions.

The Deep Dive: Developing a solid short game is challenging because there are so many different shots and situations around greens. Most golfers are comfortable with the basics, but what about chips from tight lies, bunker shots from wet sand or flop shots from thick rough, to name just a few awkward shots? 

With the release of the RTX 6 ZipCore wedges, Cleveland is trying to offer a family of wedges that can handle a more comprehensive range of shots and deliver more spin and consistency in both wet and dry conditions.

From the back and in the address position, the RTX 6 ZipCore wedges look like the classic Cleveland “588-inspired” clubs golfers have loved for decades. The most significant difference between the new RTX 6 ZipCore wedges and previous Cleveland wedges is in the hitting area, thanks to a technology the company calls HydraZip.

The RTX 6 ZipCore wedges have different grooves and face-roughening treatments based on loft. (David Dusek/Golfweek)

For several generations of wedges, Cleveland has added surface-roughening treatments in the form of laser-etched microgrooves. Now designers are combining a face-blasting treatment and different laser-etching patterns based on each club’s loft to help create more friction. Between the main grooves in the 46- and 48-degree wedges is an open pattern of lines because these clubs are usually hit from the fairway on full-swing approach shots.

In the 54-, 56-, 58- and 60-degree wedges, the design is tighter to maximize the effect because sand wedges and lob wedges are golfers’ go-to clubs when they need extra spin around the greens.

The gap wedge lofts, with lofts of 50 and 52 degrees, have surface-roughening patterns that are moderately packed for versatility.

Cleveland also updated the main grooves, which it calls UltiZip grooves. There are numerically more grooves on each wedge to get more edges on the ball for increased bite and spin.

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