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Callaway ERC Soft, Supersoft golf balls (2023)

Callaway Supersoft golf balls

Callaway Supersoft golf balls (Callaway)

Price: $24.99 per dozen
Specs: Two-piece construction with Surlyn cover. Available in white, yellow, green, orange, red and pink for the Supersoft; white for Supersoft Max

Who They’re For: The standard Supersoft is for golfers who want distance and a soft feel in a value-oriented ball. The Max version is for slow-swinging players who need more spin and carry to maximize distance.

The Skinny: Plenty of golfers simply refuse to be outdriven off the tee, and they never want to hit first from the fairway. They are more than happy to play a ball that prioritizes distance above everything else, and if that ball has a budget-friendly price, even better.

The Supersoft is a two-piece ball with a large HyperElastic SoftFast Core to maximize ball speed off the tee. The core acts as the engine for the ball, but because it is so large and soft, it also gives the Supersoft a soft feel at impact on every shot, which many golfers prefer.

Callaway Supersoft Max

Callaway Supersoft Max (Callaway)

The Supersoft Max is slightly oversized, which makes it easier for beginners and slower-swinging golfers to hit solidly for better performance. The core is designed to create more ball speed, while the cover design encourages a higher flight for increased carry and more overall distance.

The Supersoft Max conforms to the Rules of Golf and is legal for play.

Callaway Supersoft golf balls – $24.99 per dozen

Callaway Supersoft Max golf balls – $24.99 per dozen


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