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The Players Championship purses have climbed steadily

The Players Championship purses have climbed steadily

∎ Three Gulfstream 700 jets (the top of the line for private air travel), with $26 million left over to buy a 185-foot yacht from United Yacht Sales.

∎ You could buy the PGA Tour Global Home almost four times over ($65 million construction price).`

∎ You’d never be short of golf balls: you can buy 3.5 million boxes (with one dozen balls each) of the most expensive golf ball on the market, the Callaway Chrome Soft X at $70 per dozen.

∎ Drivers are expensive, especially the TaylorMade Stealth at $600 each. With $251 million, you could buy 418,333 of them, but it’s not likely TaylorMade has that many in stock.

∎ A beachfront home in Ponte Vedra sold in 2021 for a little more than $10 million. The total purses from The Players could buy 25 such homes.

∎ As an aside, $251 million is chump change compared to recent lottery winners – it doesn’t even crack the top 10. But if you’re feeling lucky, $251 million will get you more than 12.5 million $20 scratch-off cards or more than 83 million Power Ball tickets, using the Power Play option. However, you’ll need help. Assuming one minute per scratch-off card, it would take you nearly 24 years to scratch off 12.5 million cards.


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