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Golfers Divided Over Bifurcation Ball Rollback Proposals

Golfers Divided Over Bifurcation Ball Rollback Proposals

The decision from the governing bodies to introduce golf ball bifurcation plans was always likely to provoke debate given the long-running issue of increased driving distances and the wildly differing opinions from the game’s key figures on how – or even if – to tackle it.

According to the results of two polls conducted by Golf Monthly, the announcement hasn’t left golfers much clearer as to whether the plans, which propose curbing driving distances in elite competition by limiting the distance the ball can travel, are the correct course of action. 

After 843 votes in a newsletter poll asking, “do you support the golf ball being rolled back for Tour pros?” 55% answered “yes” with just 37% saying “no” and the remaining votes opting for “unsure”.

Graphic of a pie chart showing poll results on the golf ball rollback proposals

One Golf Monthly poll showed 55% in favor of the plans

(Image credit: Future Publishing)

However, while that result offers some vindication for the plans, which CEO of The R&A Martin Slumbers said are being proposed to protect the long-term integrity of the game, a separate poll offered a different result.


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