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What golfers want – Golf Inc Magazine

What golfers want - Golf Inc Magazine

At a time when so much has changed in the world of 8-5, we step back to realize more than just the workplace has moved. Expectations, as well as attitudes have changed. If many of us no longer have the same work experience, new parts of the day may now be open and up for grabs. As you and your team look for new things golfers want post-pandemic, it is important to bring a blank white board in order to take a complete deep dive into new possibilities. Golfers still play the game as it was played way back in 2019 — but it seems they want more. There are now so many ways golfers can approach the game. Beginning with the standard nine- or 18-hole round to a few hours at the local golf entertainment center to time at a golf simulator with friends, golf is now a game with many paths and different ways to satisfy the desire to swing away.

The white board piece is important. In this new world where change is almost part of every meal, after you focus on your core business, it is important to look at the potential of driving new revenue streams. Consider these new paths to pique the interest of members and guests alike. What your golfers want today might be very different than what they expected in 2019. As you play things out over the next two to three years, know that an expanded golf menu should be part of your club’s mission in order to add interest while striving to grow sales and retain loyalty. Before we jump there, however, let’s look at the core values your golfers may feel are the essentials for their day of golf today. In this In My Opinion post, I provide three ideas of what golfers want in 2023. With regards to the future, I will allow your crystal ball to drive new concepts. 

Golfers want convenience: It’s silly to say, because truly, everyone wants convenience. COVID, however, has pushed convenience to the top of the page. Example: the fast-food drive-through is a must to compete in this new age. While golf is not an instant event, there are many ways to make the day more convenient for your members and guests. Look to make transactions of all types easy and fast. Eliminate lines. Spend time looking at the busiest parts of the day in order to put people and resources into making things move. Lines must be made obsolete. If your entire team has the convenience mindset, imagine the customer service scores. No more lines!

Golfers want freedom in their day: In this negative, noisy world, people come to the golf course to escape the 24/7 news…


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