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Trick-Shot Artist Extraordinaire | Golfweek

Trick-Shot Artist Extraordinaire | Golfweek

Three wrist surgeries.

That’s enough for any golfer, particularly one with dreams of playing professionally, to give up the game. But, not Tania Tare. Although you might not recognize the name, you’ve probably seen her handiwork featured on numerous golf websites as well as YouTube and Instagram.

After graduating from Florida International University in 2013, where she competed on the Division-1 women’s golf team, Tare set out with the goal of playing on the LPGA Tour. At the same time, she was a budding golf trick-shot artist who entertained family and friends with captivating feats. Unfortunately, the operations during college and the summer following graduation took their toll, which forced the aspiring professional golfer to put the dream on hold. “I wanted to be involved in golf and I wanted to make a career out of golf, but I didn’t know how to do that,” said Tare, who majored in marketing while at FIU. “The question I was asking myself was, ‘How do I stay in golf if I’m not competing?’”

Tare pivoted to becoming a full-time trick shot artist and hasn’t looked back.

Growing up as one of 11 siblings in Auckland, New Zealand, Tania never could’ve imagined that someday she’d be traveling the world doing the exhibitions. Which is why her improbable journey, from the land of Kiwi to the present day, is so uplifting and inspirational. It also reinforces the fact that there are innumerable ways for people to experience, affect and change the game. Tare’s tale of heartbreak and triumph is beautifully captured in a five-minute film at While on the Schwab website, you should explore the entire library of videos within the aptly-named “Challengers” series.

The complete anthology includes 25 short films that tell the stories of individuals who influence and impact the game of golf in non-traditional, unorthodox ways. While some people are known for driving a golf ball, these trailblazers drive change. You’ll be introduced to course architects, fitness trainers, instructors, professional golfers, media personalities, equipment designers, college professors, business leaders, and more. Although these characters have varied backgrounds, all of them are leaving their mark by challenging the status quo in their areas of expertise. And, we’re all better off for it.

That’s a common thread in golf. The sport, by nature, is so compelling. And so, too, are many of the people in the game you “meet” along the…


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