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Callaway Releases Limited Edition Ryder Cup Golf Balls

Callaway Releases Limited Edition Ryder Cup Golf Balls

With the first tee shots at Marco Simone GC just around the corner now, fans of both Ryder Cup teams are looking for more and more creative ways to display their support and allegiance. Well, Callaway may have one of the most creative ways yet! Feast your eyes upon the limited edition Chrome Soft Truvis Team golf balls…

Available for a limited time only, each ball comes emblazoned with either the stars and stripes or Europe’s familiar yellow and blue in the Truvis style. The detailing on each logo is very intricate and looks really cool close up as well as garnering attention from afar.

Whilst these balls may be viewed as more of a souvenir or collectors item, those who do want to use them on the course won’t be disappointed. We tested the the Callaway Chrome Soft in July of last year and they are among the best golf balls on the market. The Chrome Soft is a 3 piece ball with a soft urethane cover, popular on professional tours all around the world. The logo isn’t purely for showing support to your team either, Callaways Truvis technology is designed to give players better focus and visibility of spin. So as you are watching your preferred logo spinning in the air, not only can you be filled with pride, you can also get some valuable feedback for your game!

Callaway Chrome Soft 2022 Golf Ball Review

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For the neutral spectator of the Ryder Cup, Callaway also provides several other logo options in their Truvis technology. These include beer mugs, doughnuts and dog paws amongst others! 


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