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Rising green fees reflect the health of the game

Rising green fees reflect the health of the game

The National Golf Foundation published data showing the changes in green fees in the U.S. since 2018, and while the numbers have trended upward somewhat, they have dropped back down from the high point of 2022.

NGF reports that in the last four years, the number of rounds played annually sits 12% above the 10-year pre-pandemic average. In that same timeframe, green fees increased 16% cumulatively. Those increases came after 10 years of oversupply and saw the prices chasing after U.S. inflation rates.

The blame for increasing green fees usually gets laid at the feet of increased demand, which is still very much the reality of the golf industry right now. However, course owners/operators also tout the need to offset their labor, supply and maintenance costs as well, while others note the need to keep pace with competitors. That’s not just lip service, either. NGF notes that 49% of public facilities and 62% of private facilities substantial capital investments related to their course or clubhouse in the past year.

Not counting resorts, the average green fee for a public 18-hole course is only about $37 right now, up from $32 in 2020. If that small increase can go toward giving courses better drainage, new carts and maintenance equipment, driving range upgrades and improved bunkers, it truly is a small price to pay.


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