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Ping 2024 Ketsch G Putter Review

Ping 2024 Ketsch G Putter side by side with the Anser D

It’s quite rare for a new line of putters to not have some catchy, cool name that was no doubt the result of several brainstorming sessions by a brand’s marketing team, but in 2023 Ping launched a family of putters that they simply referred to as “New Ping Putters”. In May 2024 six more models were added to the line up including the subject of this review; the Ketsch G, a mallet design with a large footprint designed to make this one of the most forgiving putters in the Ping line up. I tested both the new Anser D and the Ketsch G putters to see how they compare to the best Ping putters

(Image credit: Future)

Considering they are from the same line up it is interesting to see how completely different they are (see image above). To look at them you’d never know that they were from the same range as they are totally different in looks, style and branding. One has a milled face, one has an insert. One has a composite shaft, the other has steel. One has a black clubhead, the other is metallic. The only similarity really is the mid-size, classic ‘Ping Man’ putter grip. This is because the “New Ping Putters” have been developed individually so there is no uniform design. 


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