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Brooks Koepka isn’t talking at Pinehurst, but he’s texting us

Brooks Koepka isn’t talking at Pinehurst, but he’s texting us

PINEHURST, N.C. — At one stage during the first round of the U.S. Open, Brooks Koepka found himself in a familiar spot: at the top of the leaderboard. But three late bogeys left him with an even-par 70. Afterward, he declined requests for media interviews. He says it wasn’t because he was irritated by the round getting away from him — he’s just bored by routine questions. I suggested an interview via text. He accepted and was everything you’d expect — forthright, combative and unfiltered.

Eamon Lynch text: You opted not to do media interviews after the first round. Why?

Brooks Koepka text: I opted not to do ‘em just because I didn’t feel like it. Same questions every week. The lack of creativity with questions is kinda boring. I know I’m not a media favorite either so it’s not like anyone will notice. LOL.

How creative should questions be when asking someone about a round of golf? Is this just your bulletin board material for the week so you can fire yourself up?

No, definitely not. It’s a major. I have enough self-motivation. I could think of way more creative questions than ‘Do you think the course is borderline? What happened on those bogeys? What went well?’ Then some LIV versus PGA Tour questions.

How creative are the post-round questions on LIV?

Really haven’t done much media, to be fair. PGA [Championship] was the last time I had media. It’s not a punishment thing. I always answer and didn’t really feel like it this week. Just to be clear.

Then what’s the first creative question you would have asked yourself after today’s round?

Do you think Bermuda has made this course easier or tougher? [Note: greens on No. 2 changed from bent grass to Bermuda grass for this Open.]

That’s not very creative. But anyway, were you pissed at the round getting away from you or happy with the even-par score?

Wasn’t trying to be creative. If you want me to get creative I can. Not my job, but if I get 10 I can think of something since the media has all day.

I was fine with it. Obviously could have been better but even par in a U.S. Open will not hurt you.

Any particular part of your game feel strong today? Or for that matter weak.

Felt in control of iron play. Brain fart on 13 and 15. Just didn’t do much wrong. Missed it where I wanted. Sixteen was my bad drive of day and didn’t get lucky in the native area, which is what you get when you hit it in there. Just part of Pinehurst and what makes it good.

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