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How are Pinehurst No. 2 conditions, layout for the 2024 US Open?

2021 U.S. Amateur

John Bodenhamer, USGA Senior Managing Director, Championships, as seen during the a press conference that the USGA announced a long-term relationship with Oakmont Country Club and Merion Golf Club at Oakmont Country Club in the Oakmont, Pa. on Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021. (Copyright USGA/John Mummert)

Our strategy is built around tough but fair, but these are difficult greens, no bones about it. I think, look, just to put it out there, I think what we’re endeavoring to do, we look at the weather, that’s always part of it. But I think the way we think about it, we’ll play in the mid-13s for most of the day. That’ll drop down as the day goes on a little bit. But we think with the hole locations we choose and if the weather cooperates, we think that’s a good place to be, along with everything else that’s here with Pinehurst. It’s not just about speed on these greens. It’s the wonderful putting greens themselves and how firm and fast they get, and I think fairways too. I think there’s a lot more that Donald Ross intended here even off the fairways. Even the visuals that you see, the way it turns, the bunkers. I think we’re really working hard on the bunkers, too, and getting them just right for these great players.


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