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Wilson Infinite Bucktown Putter Review

Wilson Infinite Bucktown Putter grip

Wilson’s hardware is underrated in quite a few categories but arguably the putter sector is where it offers the best value for money, especially with its more entry level Infinite range – which has been revamped for 2024 with nine new models.

Where the Staff Model putters have been designed to offer the more discerning golfer a more premium look and feel, the Infinite line up is geared more at the casual player. The first impressions of the Bucktown mallet putter we tried were very good. The oversize stock Pistol Karakal flat-sided grip is very large, which felt comfortable in our hands and while it could have been a touch softer, it certainly helped quieten down any unwanted wrist action during the stroke. I don’t enjoy the ribbed feeling down the spine of the grip, but for some this well help with consistent hand placement.

(Image credit: Future)

Down at address, the fang-shape frames the ball nicely and it sits very low to the ground flush to the grass. The three short white lines contrast vividly with the black head to assist with alignment. Interestingly, the middle of the three lines is slightly thicker, which helps center the ball on the face at address and return it there to impact. It’s not a visual package that will work for everyone, but we found it easy to set the putter square to our target consistently. The two-tone PVD anti-glare finish certainly creates a visually-appealing look that adds to the premium feel.

Wilson Infinite Bucktown Putter at address

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Off the face, this putter has a solid, stable feel – like all of the best putters offer. There is a subtle double mill pattern on the face but the acoustics overall are quite noticeable, especially on longer putts.  This firm sensation would marry well with a soft, low compression golf ball and the ball speed was quick and consistent – ideal for slower greens. There’s undoubtedly plenty of help at hand when the strike pattern moves around, which will music to the ears of the mid-to-high handicapper this putter is almost certainly aimed at.


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