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As A Dad, These Are The 13 Gifts I Want To Receive This Father’s Day

As A Dad, These Are The 13 Gifts I Want To Receive This Father's Day

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Father’s Day is a tricky time for golfing dads and also for the non-golfing family members looking to shop for them. If you’re a father who loves golf, there’s a good chance you’ll be receiving a golf related gift or two, but it’s a precarious situation to be in as those gifts are not always ideal. In fact, in some cases they are, how do I put this kindly? Absolute rubbish. We have to put a brave face on though to ensure not to hurt our loved ones’ feelings.

This need not be the case though as there are some fantastic Father’s Day deals to be had on gifts that will be really useful to any golfer. PGA TOUR Superstore has some fantastic offers currently and a wide range of budgets are catered for. We would suggest steering clear of golf clubs as unless you know the preferred specifications of the golfer you are buying for, you might be buying something that doesn’t suit them.

There is a wide selection of other gifts to choose from though, so whether you’re looking for something expensive like a GPS device or just some handy little gift for a few bucks, when it comes to gifts for golfers PGA TOUR Superstore has you covered. There is a lot to choose from though so forget about those ‘novelty’ gifts like socks or rock hard golf balls with slogans like “Super Swinger” printed on, and allow us to walk you through it with some of the best Father’s Day gifts we’ve found.

Golf Balls

Every golfer needs golf balls, but not the novelty kind which will only end up shoved in a drawer somewhere and will never be used. Golf balls are a great gift but you want to make sure you’re getting something that is going to be useful. There are a vast array of options out there and it can be quite confusing for a non-golfer, but generally speaking most casual golfers are happy to use any decent golf ball and they won’t be too fussy. Any of the options below will be appreciated by a golfing dad.

Shoes / Apparel

Comfortable shoes and functional, stylish clothing are essential items for any golfer. There are many to choose from but the best golf shoes need to be comfortable, have a good grip and ideally they’ll look nice too. FootJoy golf shoes are among the best on the market so if you’re thinking of buying some new shoes for your Dad this Father’s Day, you won’t go wrong with…


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