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Koi Golf Organic Cotton 1/4 Zip Review

The collar on the Koi Golf 1/4 zip

It’s difficult to launch a new golf apparel brand in the current market. With so many big and small brands out there making some of the best golf clothing for all sizes and styles, how can you possibly stand out? High quality, sustainable and unique garments is certainly one way to do that, and that’s the goal of new apparel brand Koi Golf, which has come to market with a handful of impressive pieces including this 14/ zip. 

Of the brands I’ve tried most recently, Reflo and Adidas are the ones that excel in this space. Using recycled polyester, garments from these two brands in particular excel in quality, style and sustainable credentials. Koi Golf is another brand entering this space, launching with a goal to shift people away from fast fashion by buying higher quality, less often. 

The first thing I noticed was how unique the design was. Often, the best golf mid layers are either crewnecks or higher collars like on a traditional quarter zip but this has a much more conventional collar like you’d see on the best golf polos. I like this design a lot. It’s something a bit new and fresh while also giving the 1/4 zip a unique look that is as smart as it is athletic. Like most of the best modern golf clothing, it looks as comfortable on the golf course as it does off it, and the subtle Koi branding on the left chest means it certainly doesn’t scream golf when you take it off the course. 

(Image credit: Future)

So, what makes this a more sustainable product? Aside from the quality, which will mean it lasts for longer and you don’t have to buy as often, Koi Golf has sourced 100% organic cotton to make this garment. Organic cotton is a much more sustainable cotton produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, artificial fertiliser and other toxic chemicals. Koi Golf sources and manufacturers these products from a factory in Portugal, also meaning less shipping time and energy to those in the UK. 


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