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Srixon Q-Star Tour

Srixon Q-Star Tour for 2024. (David Dusek/Golfweek)

Price: $39.99
Construction: Three-piece urethane ball available in white, yellow and Divide  

Updated for 2024, the Q-Star Tour has the same construction as the Z-Star balls, with a large rubber core, a firm casing layer and a urethane cover, but it is designed with recreational golfs (and their swing speeds) in mind.

The 2024 Q-Star now has a gradational core that transitions from soft in the center to firmer around the outside, so it behaves like a multi-core ball and transfers energy from a moderate swing to the center more efficiently. Srixon also gave the updated Q-Star Tour a softer urethane so the grooves in wedges and short irons should be able to grab it more effectively and generate more spin on greenside shots and on shots hit with scoring clubs.

With a 74 compression, the Q-Star Tour will feel significantly softer than the Z-Star balls. It will also cost about $10 less per dozen, and both of those things usually make club players happy. That low compression should help it produce less spin off the tee, which can reduce the effects of hooks and slices. Compared to the three-piece Z-Star, the three-piece Q-Star Tour will not only feel softer, but because it has a lower compression, it may be slightly slower off the tee than the Z-Star, but Brunski sees the Q-Star Tour as a great value when it comes to performance.

“To me, the Q-Star Tour is one of the best deals on the market,” Brunski said. “You’re getting that urethane cover at a discount.” He then added, “I think there are players, like me, a bogey golfer, that Q-Star Tour will almost start to look indistinguishable from the Z-Star if you are not good enough to exploit those differences.”

In addition to traditional white and yellow, the Q-Star Tour is available in three Divide combinations. The Divide balls have yellow on one half and another color (red, orange or blue) on the other. The Divide design can be used as an alignment aid while putting and also shows how much spin the ball has on short-game shots. Many golfers also use Divide balls as training aids to hone their putting stroke.

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