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Donald Trump challenges Joe Biden to golf match at Doral

Donald Trump challenges Joe Biden to golf match at Doral

DORAL, Florida — Donald Trump held a massive rally on the 10th hole of the manicured grounds of his golf resort west of Miami Tuesday night — and challenged President Biden to a contest on the links as well as a one-on-one debate.

Trump spoke before a sweltering crowd and sounded familiar 2024 presidential campaign themes ahead of next week’s Republican National Convention. The speech followed a day after Republican National Committee officials released the party’s platform. Many of the ideas in the document are ones Trump has talked up in rally speeches since leaving office, including a “drill baby drill” energy policy, more tax cuts and the “largest” deportation effort in U.S. history.

No less prominent in his Tuesday rally address was an attack on President Joe Biden’s competence — an issue that has surged to the forefront of political conversations since a June 27 debate in which Biden appeared at times confused and incoherent.

Trump again reiterated his “offer” to another debate with the current president. This time, however, he said it would be “man-to-man” and “no holds barred” with no moderators.

Then Trump upped the ante by also challenging Biden to an 18-hole contest on his Trump National Doral golf course, the famed “Blue Monster.”

“It will be among the most watched sporting events in history,” Trump said, adding that if Biden won Trump would write a $1 million check to the charity of the president’s choice.

But the 45th president said he doubted his successor would accept.

“I bet you he doesn’t take the offer, because he is all talk,” he said.


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