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Golf Buddy Voice XL GPS Speaker Review

GolfBuddy Voice XL GPS Speaker

Having never really been an on-course music type of guy, I was somewhat skeptical when the GolfBuddy Voice XL GPS Speaker turned up on my doorstep for review, however with some interesting features involved, I kept an open mind and headed off to the course to see if it could sit amongst the best golf speakers or even the best golf GPS devices.

Straight out of the box the feel of the product is extremely premium. The 701-gram weight provides enough heft to know you have something fairly robust in your hands, but not so much that you might strain a bicep lifting it. The speaker material that surrounds the unit is smooth and once again feels durable enough not to cause problems later down the road.

The buttons on the GolfBuddy Voice XL GPS Speaker are very clear and easy to locate.

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For context, size-wise, the GolfBuddy Voice XL is just a touch longer than my hand and not too bulky, it easily fits in a golf bag for post-round storage and transportation.

The instructions were refreshingly simple and clear and the setup process is about as straightforward as it gets. Once you have held down the power button for 3 seconds and have heard the welcoming tune, a blue light will flash which means it is ready to pair with your phone. All you need to do then is head into the GolfBuddy app on your phone, go to device management, and pair up. Then you are all set. It is IOS and Android compatible which is always a plus point.

Golf Buddy Voice XL GPS Speaker

The magnet of the GolfBuddy Voice XL GPS Speaker is extremely strong.

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The overall aesthetic is excellent with high-quality finishes throughout and a cool GB (GolfBuddy) logo tucked on the underside of the device. The buttons are well laid out and couldn’t be any clearer to use. They are plenty big enough that even if your vision is compromised by one too many on-course beverages, you will still have no problems locating the correct one.

One feature that I really enjoyed was the remote control that clips on and off the GolfBuddy Voice XL GPS Speaker easily. I didn’t test its full range but it works perfectly from the opposing side of the fairway and allows you to toggle between songs or even yardages. Speaking of yardages, the offering is fairly basic but covers everything most players will need such as front, middle, and back of the green, and these yardages are also shown on the LED display within the speaker and also verbalized via the speaker which is a cool feature. When the LED display is not showing…


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