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Iain Highfield helps You Turn Your Practice into Lower Scores

Iain Highfield is the Director of of The KOHR Academy, an award-winning Mental Performance Coach and a published author. He joins “On the Mark” to help you develop skills to make your practice productive with the goal of turning it into lower scores.

Iain shares his take on what makes practice effective, describing how learning happens via cognitive stress. He describes “Spacing” and Variability” Effects and how they can make your practice count.

He also contrasts “Working Memory Stimulation” vs “Muscle Memory” and how practicing using the former is more beneficial to improved performance.

Iain further discusses “Degrees of Freedom” and helps you to find freedom and “flow” for an improved golf swing under pressure.

Finally, Iain addresses “Breathing” and how it can help you reduce stress for improved play and vitality of life.


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