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Talent matters – Golf Inc Magazine

Talent matters - Golf Inc Magazine

Although the 2022 Major League baseball season is now but a memory, a new level of excitement floods to the surface as ball clubs look to grab a superstar free agent or make a grand trade that will change the fortunes of their team and city, during this off-season. If your team captures a top player, the winter temperatures rise just a bit. The right player, the talent, can change the fortune of a team for years to come. Talent sells tickets, attracts eyeballs, and raises the blood pressure. Although no games are scheduled, there is enthusiasm for the game, nonetheless. Putting better players on the field makes a difference.

Although you may not be a baseball fan, it is still easy to understand: talent matters. Better players bring more wins, more fans and more of everything a team wants to see from acquiring winning players. As with baseball, talent also matters in your business. It is important not only to build and maintain a strong daily lineup, but also to be on the lookout for people who can step in and make a difference in your service execution. In the past, I have written that some managers do not spend enough time recruiting. Because leaders are constantly busy, the hiring thing tends to go to the back burner simply because there is not always an immediate fire to put down. Still, it can be an essential step to add recruiting to your monthly calendar. Building a file of people a just a few keystrokes away can make business and life so much better. Here are three ideas in building a strong lineup:

Assess your current talent: decide who the most valuable people are and what you can do to keep each one on the team. This is not a one size fits all program. It is the time to get to know what is important to each key team member. Every life has individual, unique challenges to work through. Knowing people beyond their skill set helps you build a framework for loyalty and mutual success. As with a winning baseball team however, you may not be able to keep every all-star. Some people will simply want a change.

Birds of a feather: in my former life as a manager, I would consistently approach my best people asking about their friends and family members. Who might be looking to leave a job? If not full time, who may be searching for part time work? This idea worked well. You might even create a rewards program when a new recruit works out. Once they achieve 90 days on the job, pay a bonus to the person who made the connection. Not every recruit will work,…


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