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Golf balls for 2022

Golf balls for 2022. (David Dusek/Golfweek)

In a game filled with misconceptions and contradictions, one of the most prevailing is for the average player, golf balls are all the same. The thinking goes that if your swing is inconsistent and if you tend to lose a few balls every time you play, the specific type of ball that you play really doesn’t matter, so you should play the cheapest one you can find.

The best way to determine your ideal golf ball is to buy a few three-packs and try them. Hit a series of short chip shots and pitch shots first, paying close attention to how quickly the balls stop and how they react coming off your wedges. Then, try them on longer approach shots, iron shots and eventually hit each ball with your driver. When you are done, consider your priorities, how each ball performed and its price.


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