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One Of Our Favorite Drivers From 2022 Is On Sale For $100 Off

One Of Our Favorite Drivers From 2022 Is On Sale For $100 Off

One Of Our Favorite Drivers From 2022 Is Currently On Sale For $100 Off

As we enter into the new year, there’s no better time to stock up on some new golf gear than in the January sales, and there are some fantastic deals available at the PGA Tour Superstore – including this excellent saving on the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver (opens in new tab). Despite only being released in 2022, you can currently grab a whopping $100 off (opens in new tab) on this fantastic club, which we listed in our Editors Choice Awards for 2022. (opens in new tab) 

This is a deal we think you should certainly not turn your nose up at, especially if you’re an experienced golfer looking for a premium driver at a decent price. In fact we rank this club as one of the best drivers for distance (opens in new tab) out there, and it looks fantastic. At the address, it boasts a cool matte crown but flipping the club over will reveal a sleek carbon fiber finish, that is accompanied by some sparkling gold metal detailing. The Rogue ST Max also has a long profile that inspires maximum confidence, and boasts a very large club face, which is lighter in color, making it more visible and easier to align.

The ST in the Rogue ST Max’s name stands for ‘Speed Tuned’. This is because Callaway has endeavoured to help golfers get more zip on the ball from the clubface thanks to ST Max’s new ‘Flash Face’ technology. The club delivers a denser thud sound compared to the metallic Callaway Mavrik driver (opens in new tab) which may appeal to many golfers out there.

The Rogue ST Max also had a far more neutral trajectory than the Mavrik and we could still draw and fade it if we wanted to (it has semi draw bias built in making it great for those who struggle with a slice) but overall the ball flight was much more stable and certainly seemed to curve offline less when we missed the middle.

Callaway are one of the most trusted brands when it comes to producing the best drivers (opens in new tab) on the market and the Rogue ST is perhaps one of the most forgiving options in their excellent range of clubs (opens in new tab). That forgiveness also comes from the 11.5g tungsten weight positioned in the rear of the club which lowers the center of gravity to its rear. Ultimately, if you’re wanting to improve your consistency and distance off the tee, the Rogue ST is one of the best drivers on the market for you. And at a $100 discount, you should certainly think about picking up one of these drivers this January!


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