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The 2023 PGA Show: Prepare, rest, take notes

The 2023 PGA Show: Prepare, rest, take notes

We have entered a new year. It feels good to turn the calendar. It truly feels grand to move beyond the everyday conversations and news reports concerning COVID, its origins, and the politics of it all. It is time to think about the Show, the PGA Show, coming at the end of January.

Although our industry has slowed somewhat from the amazing days which began in the summer 2020, it continues to be an industry on the move. The success and visibility of the past several seasons has brought new investment, many new brands, and continued interest in this, our sport of a lifetime. It is a testament to you and the many others, who have worked hard to drive the game and maintain a business during the worst of times, in order to satisfy those looking for fresh air and 18 holes.

If you or others on your team are planning to attend the PGA Show, I have three thoughts for you. As with other previous PGA Show posts, this might feel similar, but then, you may sense a tweak or two. Here are my thoughts on the 2023 PGA Show:

Prepare: Before you get on the plane, do your homework. Although I do not know the total square footage for this years’ event, I have heard a great many suppliers will be in attendance. Build a schedule, make appointments and create your plan. It is vital to share contact detail with the supplier, and then also to stop in and poke around the many new booths. Just like with that box of chocolates… never know what you’re gonna get.

Rest: Try to get a good nights’ sleep each night. The mornings start early, and you could be setting up early coffee meetings and then more meetings after each day ends. The time off the Show floor can be almost as valuable as time walking the aisles. In addition, look to connect with as many of the shakers and movers inside the industry as you can over the week. A handshake, smile and business card exchange is a great start.

Take amazing notes: Trust little to memory. With thousands of people moving aisle to aisle, interrupting conversations, it is important to leave little to the memory. Bring a good notebook. Separate pages for every meeting and experience. Remember to bring plenty of business cards.

Those who come with a plan, making great use of their time will create better results. When you consider the people who will attend this Show, the opportunity to add to your network is huge. While you are in the Orlando area, look also to visit the golf stores and a few green grass shops in the area. They will be in…


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