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How Hybrids Can Transform Your Game

How Hybrids Can Transform Your Game

The hybrid is most definitely a buzz word, well-known as a modern method of car engineering, a cost-saving, more environmentally-friendly petrol-electric combination of running an engine. In the golf world hybrid clubs (opens in new tab) do very much the same thing, combining the technologies of two different clubs, the iron and the wood, with the sole purpose of making the game easier. 

The very first hybrid was engineered by Cobra Golf in 1998 and called the “Baffler”. This clever club undoubtedly transformed the game of golf for women with slower swing speeds, as speed is essential to help get the ball airborne easily. It made certain golf shots, particularly those with a 5-iron, 4-iron or even longer, much easier to hit. I remember the era before hybrids and the anguish of having to hit long irons. I literally dreaded having the 5-iron distance (which was 150 yards for me.)


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