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WorldWide Terps – University of Maryland Athletics

WorldWide Terps - University of Maryland Athletics

Vázquez Setzer and Germain, both in leadership positions, have the opportunity to work with each other.

Vázquez Setzer said, “We worked as a team and analyzed what issues could be sold and how we could support international student-athletes.”

Vázquez Setzer and Germain pointed to taxes as a big problem international student-athletes face. 

“There is also the legal matter of being in the U.S.,” Vázquez Setzer added. “Right now, our biggest project is taxes. That’s true for every international student-athlete,” Vázquez Setzer said. 

For all college students, learning how to pay taxes and dealing with other forms of payment can be challenging to understand. Navigating the legal side of being an international student while competing in athletics can be an even more significant challenge for international Terps. The program looks to educate student-athletes on these topics and pushes to help them navigate through these issues. However, there is another side to Worldwide Terps.

“It’s more than just advising with legal matters and living in the U.S. It’s more of a community and in Maryland Made it’s all about having fun,” Vázquez Setzer said.


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