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Data Reveals Huge Impact Of Water On 60-Yard Wedge Shots

Data Reveals Huge Impact Of Water On 60-Yard Wedge Shots

Knowing how to spin the golf ball is only half the battle. In order to see the ball grab and even stand to attention, there’s a lot that has to come together. One of the influencing factors is moisture so, with that in mind, I was keen to identify if water (on the ball and/or clubface) altered the consistency of a 60-yard wedge shot. 

Watching golf on TV, one of the things tour players do that you don’t is hit that 50-80 yarder that seems to skip, skip and spin right next to the hole. Without getting too technical, they are hitting low-launching, high-spinning wedge shots, but I know I’m not alone in wondering how on earth they do it so consistently.

Now, fresh wedges hot off the tour van certainly help, as does the endless supply of the best golf balls. This article isn’t going to tell you to upgrade your equipment yearly, more how you can control certain factors so you too can hit that saucy spinner.

A golfer hitting a wedge shot into the 16th at Royal Troon

(Image credit: Kenny Smith)

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