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Titleist TSR3 Hybrid Review | Golf Monthly

Titleist TSR3 Hybrid Review | Golf Monthly

For those in search of a compact hybrid, Titleist has launched a moveable-weight TSR3 model that the brand says should, “give you more control over every shot.” It comes into the range to sit alongside the TSR2 and TSR1 models which together provide golfers with a range of options to suit their own specific needs. In the video below, we compare the performance of the TSR2 and TSR3 hybrid models.

The Titleist TSR3 hybrid is the most compact of the three options and will likely appeal to those wanting more of an iron-like profile. In addition, you’ll also notice the moveable weight on the sole which allows you to manipulate the centre of gravity and provide the shot-shape you’re after. You will also notice the ‘relief pockets’ in the sole – these have been added to help with turf interaction from a range of different lies. 

We wanted to see whether the TSR3 was one of the best golf hybrids on the market so we tested it alongside the TSR2 on the golf course at Black Bear Golf Club in Orlando. The first thing to talk about is the aesthetic difference between these models. Right from the off, it is clear the TSR3 is significantly more compact. I liked that Titleist is giving golfers some clear differentiation here and as someone who has always veered towards smaller-looking hybrids, this would be my preference.

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In my own bag I currently have the original TS3 hybrid. The latest iteration is smaller and a little less offset. In particular, it is shorter from heel-to-toe and I like this as it feels more useable from a range of different lies. 


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