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Titleist Players Travel Cover Review

Titleist Players Travel Cover Review

Titleist Players Travel Cover Review

Travelling is a bit of a nuisance at the best of times but golf clubs add another layer of inconvenience to the experience. That’s why it pays to ensure you have the best golf luggage to relieve some of the stress. And that’s exactly what the Titleist Players Travel Cover does. Provided your clubs make it onto the plane, you can be safe in the knowledge they are secure, which is what you would expect from a brand like Titleist.

On trips down to London and abroad, I’ve been really happy with the protection on offer, as well as the extra storage space it provides. The main compartment is 51″ x 15″ x 18.5″ and housed my golf bag perfectly. Inside, there is also a strap to hold your clubs in place and two zipped pockets if you need somewhere to store some of the best golf accessories you may wish to take with you.

A close-up of the internal strap inside the Titleist Players Travel Cover

A closer look at the internal strap

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I always favour one of the best golf stand bags when I play, but it’s worth pointing out that there would be ample space for something bigger, like a cart bag for example. Another aspect that came in handy was the additional storage space. For me, it means I no longer have to cram my golf shoes into my hand luggage or cabin bag, or worry about being over the weight limit with my suitcase. 

There is a valuables pouch on the outside, which feels a little obsolete, as well as two external straps to keep everything tightly fastened, while the base is also very solid. As for the transportation, two premium skate wheels make it easy, as does the handle should you need to lift it.

A close-up of the two external straps on the Titleist Players Travel Cover

The two outer straps keep everything locked in

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It comes in black only, which is fitting for such a no-nonsense, quality product. It’s certainly given me more confidence that my clubs are going to arrive in one piece, which you can’t really put a price on. But if you could, it would RRP at £180, which is around $215. For that you’re getting one of the best golf travel bags on the market and one that is sure to stand the test of time.


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