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Me And My Golf’s Newest Partnership With Clippd Unveiled

Me And My Golf’s Newest Partnership With Clippd Unveiled

With a social media following of over 1.5 million people and an ever growing membership on their coaching platform, Me And My Golf announce an exciting new partnership with Clippd – a new technology that allows golfers to track both their on-course and off-course activity, in order to view data and learn where they can improve.

Founders of Me And My Golf, golf coaches Andy Proudman and Piers Ward have accumulated over 900,000 subscribers on their popular YouTube channel, featuring a whole host of engaging tutorial content and collaborations, while their online coaching membership is also flourishing. By partnering with Clippd, each of the 12,500 Me And My Golf members will be offered the chance to sign up to a yearly subscription on Clippd, with a 20 percent discount and obligation-free 30 day free trial.

Clippd offers data and statistics to show golfers exactly where they are excelling, but also where their game may need a little work. There is useful information such as fairways hit and greens in regulation, as well as one-putt percentage and scoring average. This quantifiable data allows golfers to highlight areas of weakness and work on them, turning them to strengths. 

Me And My Golf’s Newest Partnership With Clippd Unveiled

Some of the in-app features on Clippd

(Image credit: Clippd)

Founder of Me And My Golf, Andy had this to say – “We have always been big advocates of ‘Why guess when you can measure? If people want to see improvement in their game then the ability to keep track of their data is of huge importance.” 


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