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Sales beyond the round – Golf Inc Magazine

Sales beyond the round - Golf Inc Magazine

The golf shop, in my opinion, is the “kitchen” of the golf property, the place where all come to gather and connect. While there, golfers will buy the necessary provisions for their day of golf. When I first got into the golf management side, I was responsible for 51 golf shops. Along with the local golf professionals, I worked to create an inventory menu that fit the local needs, as well as our corporate goals. In an early memo, I suggested we create a great convenience store model within each shop. That meant having all of the necessary consumable products, combined with a smile and quick service. That was what I believed 24 years ago. Today I know better. In the world of 2023, the golf shop can be so much more than a pit stop on the way to the range or first tee. 

When we step back to understand the membership and the possibility, we can see an opportunity, one that touches on satisfying personal as well as business needs. From birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and retirements to any number of other milestones, the need is there, right in front of every golf professional and golf shop manager. Once you know your members, what they do, and the critical dates and milestones in their lives, you and your team can create a program to satisfy needs while adding real membership value. People want convenience and they love options. While partnering with your vendors, you can build a database of knowledge combined with an extraordinary menu of products to satisfy both the personal as well as professional milestones. Remember to include your F&B manager in gathering suppliers to create an intriguing menu of extraordinary gifts and awards. Here are three thoughts about sales beyond the round:

Information is your currency: Building a database of detail for every member will help you and your team develop a gifting program that adds value for the member and profit to the bottom line. Building and then updating information will keep you looking ahead to satisfying the next important date on your members’ calendar. Remember, convenience is the ticket.

Work with suppliers: Create a wide menu of gifts for every key personal occasion. In addition, connect to those members who own a business or have a major role in an organization that has the need to provide gifts to employees and clients. The needs may be endless. Be sure to offer a selection of gifts with a real variety of price and value. When your property grows to become the one place for the best in…


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