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Bushnell Tour V6 Slope laser rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V6 Shift

When it comes to playing golf, having accurate distance measurements is crucial for making the right club and shot decisions. That’s where laser rangefinders can come in handy, and the latest model from one of the biggest names in laser rangefinders, Bushnell, is the Tour V6 Shift.

The Tour V6 Shift ($399.99) has improved optics with 6X magnification to make objects you see in the viewfinder clearer and more detailed. The device also has a range from five to 1,300 yards, with accuracy within one yard, so it is capable of delivering highly accurate yardages on even the longest par 5s.

When you press the button on the top of the Tour V6 Shift, look through the viewfinder, and slowly move it to the side, the Tour V6 Shift’s PinSeeker with JOLT technology makes the device vibrate in your hand when the flag is detected. It is a reassuring way to know that you are measuring the flag and not trees or objects directly behind it.

Sliding a button in the side of the Bushnell Tour V6 Shift enables or disables the Slope functions. (David Dusek/Golfweek)

Additionally, the V6 Shift has an updated slope algorithm, which automatically adjusts distances based on elevation changes. This feature is especially helpful for golfers playing on hilly courses, as it helps to compensate for uphill and downhill shots. In tournament play, the Slope function can be disabled by sliding a button on the side of the unit forward.

The V6 Shift has Bushnell’s BITE magnet on one side so you can attach it to your golf cart and keep it handy while you play, and it is the most water-resistant laser rangefinder that Bushnell has ever made, ensuring it can withstand rainy days on the course.

The V6 Shift lacks the ability to link to your smartphone like the Bushnell Pro X3, so it can not take temperature and barometric pressure into consideration when calculating Slope and “plays like” distances. It also displays information only in black, while the Pro X3 gives you a choice of black or red, which can be helpful in different conditions. However, The V6 Shift feels lighter in your hand, so JOLT vibrations feel stronger, and it costs $200 less.

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