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Catching up with Freshman Lucas Acevedo

Catching up with Freshman Lucas Acevedo

East Lansing, Mich. – Michigan State freshman men’s golfer Lucas Acevedo grew up playing both tennis and golf. Named Mr. Tennis in South Carolina, Lucas’s love and passion for golf grew at a much later age than most. He committed himself solely to golf just a few years ago and will join the team as a freshman. As the summer winds down before the 2023-24 school year, we catch up with the team.
 Lucas Acevedo
 Daniel Island, S.C

 Why did you choose Michigan State?

 I chose Michigan State because of the incredible coaching staff that the golf team has. For me, the coaches were the most important part in looking for a golf team that would suit best for me, as well as for the contribution I can make to the team’s success


What’s your favorite club in your bag?

 My favorite club is probably my pitching wedge. Something about the feel and look of it over the ball makes me feel like I’m going to hit it close every time.


How long have you been playing golf and how did you get into the game?

 I’ve been playing golf since I was probably 6 or 7, but didn’t begin start taking it serious until freshman year of high school. During covid, a few of my best friends really got into golf and so I would join them for rounds and the more I played with them, the more we all began to love the game.


What course that you’ve played is your favorite?

 Oakmont Country Club


What course is your dream to play?

 Augusta National


What’s your favorite of the majors?

 For me it’s gotta be the masters, I feel like it’s the one major championship in golf that brings both golfers and non-golfers together into the golf world.


Do you have any pre-round rituals or superstitions?

 To start any tournament, I have to use a number one golf ball.


If you had to watch one movie on repeat, what would it be?

 Probably Inception, just because I learn something new about the film every time I watch it, so it would never get old.


What person has made the biggest impact on your career and how so?

 My dad by far, he’s shown me how to play the game of golf, he’s taught me everything I know about strategy, etiquette, and similarly sportsmanship within the game of golf.


Who would be your three dinner guests?

 Tiger Woods, Jimmy Butler, Roger Federer




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