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Judy Rankin ‘very frustrated’ with lack of Solheim Cup coverage

Judy Rankin ‘very frustrated’ with lack of Solheim Cup coverage

Fans in the crowd on the first tee during the first round of the Solheim Cup at the Inverness Club on September 04, 2021, in Toledo, Ohio. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

JR: If you look at the growth of the matches from then they started in 1990, it’s a tremendous ascent.

The fact that it is sought-after in all these places in America and in Europe, and that it draws so many people almost more than anything we know in women’s golf, it’s a story of its own.

I will tell you and I don’t mind saying it – me personally, maybe I’m a little too close to all of it. I have been very frustrated at television, at PGA Tour Radio, at every single outlet everywhere, that they didn’t not take this opportunity to really push the fact that we have two of the greatest events in golf back-to-back in Europe in Spain and Rome.

All I have heard about basically is the Ryder Cup, and nobody is a bigger fan of the Ryder Cup than me. I watch it every shot, and I’ve worked it.

But the fact that all of these outlets have not taken great advantage of these two spectacular weeks of golf in Europe and have so infrequently even mentioned that the Solheim Cup was happening and happening first, I would say has not been for the good of the game.

I tweeted it at some point. These fabulous two weeks of golf back-to-back in Europe, and as someone who read the tweet reminded me, both of those have junior events. Think what a big deal these two weeks are and the first week I won’t say has been ignored, but almost.

Somebody missed the proverbial boat and whoever somebody is, I hope I never hear again ‘for the good of the game.’


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