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Detroit high school girls golf team makes state in just third year

Cass Tech varsity golf

The Detroit Cass Tech girls golf team is heading to the Division I state championships this weekend — the first girl’s high school golf team from the city, the school district says, to reach that milestone.

Head coach Martin Siml was recruited to start the golf team at Cass Tech. In just three years, Siml and his team of 26 girls have reached the Michigan High School Athletic Association finals that began Friday at Michigan State University.

Siml described the team — ranging from first-year students to seniors — as “relentless.”

“They all have heart in different ways,” Siml said. “They played through rain, they play through the cold, play through the hot, play through anything. They don’t complain. Like any Detroit team, they keep on doing the work. They keep on putting the work in and doing the work over and over and over again and not complaining and just getting better and better. They’re very extremely motivated.”

This will be the second time that senior Kennedy Watts will play at the highest level in the state. Watts, a team captain, competed for the state championship three years ago as an individual. This year, she’ll be there with her teammates.

“I feel like both times it just shows me I’m capable of playing good golf considering I am somewhat new,” said Watts, 17. “Making it individually was really fun because it was my first year on the team. That kind of showed me I’m actually decent, I can do it. And then making it as a team was great because I got to see all my teammates. They all wanted to go and now we all get to go together … it just shows that we can do it.”

At 14, Aurianna Alexander is just starting her golf career. She first picked up the sport in August at the beginning of this season, and notes the solitude of the sport makes it unique.

“I’ve learned that golf is a sport of discipline. Instead of being like how most sports are, where it’s like the crowd is loud and everything, golf is the complete opposite. So, you have to be zoned into what you’re doing, pay attention to little, small stuff. You have to be in your own zone.”

Alexander said she emulates the juniors and seniors on the team.

“They’re giving their all to it and I want to be like that … I want to be a role model for new players that do come next year,” she said.

Cass Tech varsity golf player Sydney Evans works with teammate Nyla Joseph at the Royal Oak Golf Center. (Photo: Ryan Garza/USA TODAY)

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