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How CGX, college golf camps are streamlining the recruiting process

How CGX, college golf camps are streamlining the recruiting process

College golf coaches are always recruiting.

There’s no offseason when it comes to finding the next batch of players to don their school colors. Whether it’s in between tournaments during the season, amateur events in the summer and more, there are bound to be numerous college coaches scouting the field and pursuing the top junior golfers.

And what junior golfer doesn’t want to go to a school with incredible facilities, dazzling uniforms and top-notch competition every week? That doesn’t make the recruiting process any easier. There are a few camps held throughout the country and College Golf Experience is an example of a growing stage on which college players can showcase their talents.

Changes to the recruiting schedule in 2019 made camps an integral part of the recruiting process, and not just for blue-chip prospects. For golfers looking to play at top-notch programs or Division III schools. College camps are more important now than ever.

That’s why Joshua Jacobs said he created CGX.

It started in June 2021. Jacobs saw an opportunity to change the camp scene, and he wanted to reinvigorate it. He even had the endorsement of the Golf Coaches Association of America.

“Golf is a lot different than a quarterback camp or a running back camp,” Jacobs said. “There really can be these intimate engagements where these coaches can really learn a lot about not only the player and the family they may spend four years with, but also the way they think around the golf course.”

College Golf Experience camps are growing exponentially across the country. (Photo: Brian Walters)

There were three CGX camps in 2021. Last year, there were 28, and about 60 will take place by the end of 2023. Jacobs is expecting that number to be around 125 or more in 2024.

There are annual Top100 camps for elite golfers that include college golf coaches and institutions. There are also geographical showcase camps and preview camps that feature similar personalized instruction.

For any level of college golfer, there’s a camp or camps to assist in the recruiting process and assist players as they prepare for the next chapter in their career.

And CGX is one of numerous companies capitalizing on the importance of hosting camps.

All of the CGX camps come with individualized personalization, too. There’s an 8-to-1 ratio of golfers to coaches, with the Top100 receiving a 6-to-1 ratio. This enhances the experience, making sure each golfer who attends a CGX camp receives…


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