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The big fat review of golf in 2023

What it’s like to hit a 452-yard drive (and what now for LIV?)

It’s the final episode of The bunkered Podcast this year and Michael, Bryce and Alex are turning the page on 2023 in trademark fashion: by sarcastically reflecting on its biggest moments and talking points.

Bryce steps into the hosting hot-seat as the trio react to Jon Rahm’s megabucks move to LIV Golf and hand out a string of awards celebrating the weird and wonderful from the last 12 months.  

From patios to Guardians to hats and more, recap another mental year in the ‘Royal and Ancient’ game.  

Plus, there’s a bumper Honesty Box, including this absolute belter: £200m each, would you go to LIV…? 

Tune-in now (and thanks for all your support this year!) 

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